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Smoke Alarms

5/2/2022 (Permalink)

Smoke Alarms

A working smoke alarm significantly increases your chances of surviving a deadly home fire.

  • Replace batteries twice a year, unless you are using 10-year lithium batteries.
  • Install smoke alarms on every level of your home, including the basement.
  • Replace the entire smoke alarm unit every 10 years or according to manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Never disable a smoke alarm while cooking – it can be a deadly mistake.
  • Audible alarms are available for visually impaired people and smoke alarms with a vibrating pad or flashing light are available for the hearing impaired.

The Water You Don't See

5/2/2022 (Permalink)

The water you don't see can originate from many sources including foundation leaks, burst pipes, leaky roof or poor drainage around the home.  When you suspect that you might have a water damage, it’s important to know what the common causes are so that you know how to prevent minor water damage from turning into a huge problem.  But if you're already experiencing water damage, SERVPRO of Napa County Franchise Professionals are here to help!  Our technicians are highly trained and can safely clean, disinfect, deodorize and restore your home.  A mop and common cleaning products may not be enough for serious water intrusions, especially when the water you don't see can contain bacteria, cause mold or rot and other unseen damage.

If you have water damage to your property give SERVPRO of Napa County a call at (707)226-2181 and we can answer any questions you have, schedule an inspection of the property and begin the remediation process. We are specialists on Fire, Water, Smoke, and Mold damages, you can rely on us to help restore your property.

SERVPRO Provides Excellent Service

4/7/2022 (Permalink)

At SERVPRO® of Napa County our main goal is to provide an outstanding experience for our clients. SERVPRO® began in 1967 as a painting business and has grown into a leader in the restoration cleanup industry. As a locally owned franchise servicing our community, we have a responsibility to uphold this legacy as a premier cleaning and restoration company. Our team consists of people who live in your neighborhoods and with the training and experience to make your damage “Like it never even happened.”

We know choosing the right restoration service provider can be costly and bothersome, however, we want you to know that we take your feedback very seriously and for us to proudly represent the vision of the SERVPRO® Corporation we would appreciate your input and experience.

Contact SERVPRO of Napa County at (707)226-2181

SERVPRO Leader In The Restoration Industry

4/7/2022 (Permalink)

As leaders in the cleanup and restoration industry, you’ve probably seen or heard our national advertisements. Here at our local franchise SERVPRO of Napa County we wanted to inform you about our best practices procedure to ensure that if disaster strikes, your business or home is in good capable hands.

Disasters involving water and mold are never easy to process and our goal is to make it easy on the clients to avoid any further frustration. In many cases, we inspect the damages and communicate our findings to all stakeholders by using an estimating software that is preferred by insurance companies due to its standardized pricing and fair approvals of estimates. This process can take days and we utilize this system to make sure that we gain your approval prior to proceeding with services. Disasters may arrive and destroy quickly. However, we at SERVPRO® like to take our time to assess the situation to do a good job in mitigation and restoration.

Here at SERVPRO of Napa County we are committed to giving our clients a positive experience.

Call us at (707)226-2181

SERVPRO Restoring Lives

4/7/2022 (Permalink)

Our number one goal is returning damaged areas and items to preloss  condition, doing all we can to make it "Like it never even happened."  Every SERVPRO Franchise Professional is dedicated to restoring both the property and the lives of the customers being helped.

Like it was never dirty, like it never overflowed, like it never caught fire, like it never spilled, like it never smoldered-whatever the case, with SERVPRO our goal is to make it "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO of Napa County is locally owned and operated so we’re always ready to help with any-sized flood or water damage emergencies.

Call us at (707)226-2181

Emergency Services 24 Hours a Day

4/7/2022 (Permalink)

There's never a convenient time for fire or water damage to strike your business. Every hour spent cleaning up is an hour of lost revenue and productivity. When an emergency arises in your business, give us a call and we'll be there fast with the help you need. The first step to reopening your doors is just a telephone call away.

SERVPRO of Napa County professionals are available 24-hours a day and have the expertise, training, and equipment required to put you back in business. Our technicians are highly trained and are ready for dispatch to restore your business. Whether you need your business cleaned up or dried out, SERVPRO of Napa County will be there to help make it “Like it never even happened." Call us today at (707)226-2181

Water and Fire Damage

4/7/2022 (Permalink)

Water damage carries the same problems as fire and it is just as destructive as fire damage. Water and fire damage share one thing in common; it is a problem no one wants and it is usually during the most inconvenient times. Water damage is a destructive process that can cause mold growth, swelling of wood and even in some instances degrade the structural integrity. Determining loss can be tricky as sometimes tile, baseboards, and subfloors might not exhibit any damages.

However, with the help of equipment such as probes and moisture meters, it allows for SERVPRO of Napa County to determine the extent of the damages. After identifying the extent of the damages SERVPRO is able to mobilize highly skilled Technicians and industry leading equipment to your property in a moments notice. 

Call us (707)226-2181

SERVPRO Recognized by IICRC

4/7/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO  is an emergency restoration service company that is recognized by The institute of inspection cleaning and restoration for our ability to remediate disaster to industry standards, regardless of the size and scope of the job . SERVPRO leads to remediation and restoration industry with industry leading practices and her ability to train and mobilize skilled remediation technicians at a moments notice. Most remediation companies will try their best to get to your disaster as soon as possible, leaving you vulnerable for days and maybe even weeks on end. SERVPRO  of Napa County is dedicated to your emergency and treats every client the same regardless of the size and scope of the job.

 In case of an emergency call us at (707)226-2181

Water Damage Cleanup in a Home

4/5/2022 (Permalink)

When a water emergency occurs in your home or business, it’s only natural to want to take action immediately. Below are some preliminary steps you can take before we arrive, but only attempt what you can do safely.

  1. Shut off the water source, if possible. If you’re not sure where the water is coming from, we’ll inspect and handle the situation as soon as we arrive. If you don’t know how to shut off the water, contact a plumber to help.
  2. Remove excess water by mopping, blotting, or wiping. This could include flooring and hard surface furniture which has standing water on it. Do not use your household vacuum to remove water, since it could cause damage to the vacuum or be unsafe.
  3. Protect carpet, rugs, drapes, and upholstered items from further damage. Place aluminum foil or parchment paper between furniture and wet carpet or rugs. Remove books, magazines, or other colored items from carpets and rugs. Hang draperies up with coated hangers to avoid contact with wet floors. Remove pillows or cushions from wet upholstered items.
  4. Avoid using electric or electronic items that have come into contact with water. This may include items such as light fixtures, ceiling fans, televisions, or appliances. If there is a possibility that someone else on the property may turn on an electric item that has come in contact with water, consider turning off the power to individual circuits within the power distribution panel of the property.

In case of water damage call SERVPRO of Napa County at (707)226-2181


4/5/2022 (Permalink)

The severity of the fire situation greatly impacts the extent of damage. This can range from minor smoke and soot contained to just a portion of the home, to extensive structural damage that must be rebuilt. Once your home or business is deemed safe for entry, SERVPRO of Napa County technicians will inspect and assess the level of damage to help determine the plan of action. We will categorize your fire damage upon inspection into one of three categories.

  • Minor Fire Damage – Light to moderate smoke and soot was contained to just a portion of the building. Restoration needs include dry or wet cleaning and deodorization to walls, ceiling, floor and personal property, with little or no repainting. Very few items need replaced.
  • Medium Fire Damage – Moderate smoke and soot requiring more aggressive cleaning and deodorization techniques to remove residue. More areas need repainting. Heat has caused more extensive damage to surfaces and materials which may require more items to need repair or replacement.
  • Major Fire Damage – Severe fire damage to contents, finished surfaces and even structural framing. Smoke has infiltrated the majority of the building, and emergency intervention like board-up of windows and doors, or roof tarping, is required right away. Personal property items will likely need to be moved out of the structure for cleaning off-site. All remaining surfaces will be cleaned and deodorized in preparation for painting and repairs.