Recent Before & After Photos

Flooded home in Napa County

This property in Napa County experienced water damage due to the recent rainstorm that has caused flooding in the area. Our team of professionals was able to qu... READ MORE

Water Damage at a Retail Store

This water damage at a shoe store was caused by intensive rains in the area due to storm. The accumulated water made several tiles to collapse to the floor. Onc... READ MORE

Flooded Locker Room due to Heavy Rainstorm

This flooded locker room in San Rafael, CA was the result of a heavy rainstorm. When our crew arrived at the scene they found the boys and girl's bathroom affec... READ MORE

Flooded School Gym in San Rafael, CA

These photos were taken after heavy rains had flooded this school gym in San Rafael. When our crew arrived at the scene, they also found the boys and girls loc... READ MORE

Shower Leak Turned into Mold Damage

This house in Napa had a slow shower leak behind the wall undetected for few weeks. The leak created a perfect environment for mold to take over the entire ba... READ MORE

Fire Damage in El Cerrito, CA

The photos shown above was the result of fire damage in El Cerrito, CA. The plumber who was working at this property accidentally tapped a wire, which caused t... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Lakeport, CA

This fire damage in Lakeport, CA was the result of a microwave caught on fire. It started in the kitchen and the smoke damage affected various areas in the fac... READ MORE

Biohazard Cleanup at a National Wireless Phone Store

The photos shown above was a biohazard cleanup performed by our SERVPRO professionals at a national wireless phone store. Unfortunately one of the customers acc... READ MORE

Biohazard Cleanup in San Francisco

The before and after pictures shown above was taken in front of a mansion apartment entrance in San Francisco. There were human feces and other dried bodily fl... READ MORE

Flooded Wireless Phone Store in Concord, CA

This flooded wireless phone store in Concord, CA was the result of a broken water heater. The water loss that occurred in a retail store's water supply line ha... READ MORE